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About Our Logo

YGS Logo transparent-01(2).png
  • The bright colors symbolizes happiness and longevity for our youths

  • The circle symbolizes continuous love and commitment for our youth’s safety

  • The orange silhouette of a young boy and young girl symbolizes joyfulness and keeping our youths safe, carefree and alive

  • The green book symbolizes the importance of educating our youths about firearms safety, awareness and prevention

  • The two yellow firearms containing external safety locks in the trigger guard symbolizes our team goal for gun owners to be responsible and lock up firearms to add extra precaution measures to avoid preventable tragedies or injuries

About Us

"Our Commitment To Our Youths!"

Youth Gun Safety Incorporated is the Non-Profit Sector of Boom Boom Firearms Training, LLC, ( the Firearms Training Academy, located in National Harbor, MD, that teaches various certified and approved firearms training classes throughout the DMV.  Youth Gun Safety Incorporated was created by a Retired U.S. Air Force Female Firearm Instructor and veteran Police Officer.  Boom Boom’s team of ex-military and law enforcement instructors, observed a common cause that involved the rising rates of firearm related “preventable” youth’s deaths and injuries throughout the United States, with continuous reports of firearm related fatalities among children and teenagers, whereby firearms were too easily accessibility.  Hence, we refocused our efforts and resources to address this issue.

According to a Rand Corporation study published in 2020,  adults say they live with at least one gun in the home.  According to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms published a list of firearms for both long-guns and handguns by state.  As our focus is only on handguns in the DMV,  in the District of Columbia, there were approximately 74,315 licensed gun-owners in 2021; in Maryland, there were 136,257 licensed gun-owners; and in Virginia, there were approximately 423,707 federal licenses gun-owners, with an estimate of 30.2% of Maryland adults, with guns in the household, and around 44.6% of adults in Virginia who have guns in the home; Virginia ranks #3 in ownership, Maryland ranks #18, and DC ranks #36 in the U.S. for gun licenses.  (


According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), a report 2022 Jan 7, Titled “Firearm Homicides and Suicides in Major Metropolitan Areas – United States 2015-2016 and  2018-2019, “Firearm homicides and suicides represent an ongoing public health concern in the U.S.  During  2018-2019, a total of 28, 372 firearm homicides, including 3,612 (13%) among youths and young adults aged 10-19 and 48,372 firearm suicides (including 2,463 (5%) amongst youths occurred amount U.S. residents.”  These stat were alarming to our team and is the primary reason why we officially created our Non-Profit Organization called “Youth Gun Safety Incorporated”was officially created in May 2022 with the primary goal to have a wider reach to access an help save our youths. 

Our Mission Statement

To provide practical real world firearms safety knowledge to our youths ages 8-16 years young with my primary goal to educate them on firearms safety awareness in and outside the home; educating, informing and training our parents on safe gun storage, use of external safety locks, and recognizing increases in suicides among youths when accessibility to unsecured firearms are easy.

Our Team Commitment to Our Mission

Our Entire Team Commits 4-Hours Each Month to Educate our Youths on Firearm Safety and Awareness


Our parents play a paramount role in firearms safety for our children; however, we find that many parents lack the tools to properly teach their youths about prevention, safe storage, safe practices.  That’s where we come in.  Team Boom Boom also educates our parents too on prevention to child-accessing firearms and safe storage laws for  firearms, as well as signs of youth suicide with easy accessibility to guns in the home, temporarily removing guns from vulnerable homes to save our youths.  We also talk about the likelihood that children can find unregistered guns while they are out at play, and how detrimental that could be for our youths.  We educate our youths on standing up against peer pressure too.  Our Team shares various Training Guns, as well as share “fake toy guns and BB guns that look like real guns; whereby is difficult for adults to choose what's real and what is fake.  We take an holistic approach to actively get our youths & parents involved  throughout our community, reaching out to Schools, Community Centers, Parks, Home-Owners Associations; Churches and Camps as a collective force to spread the word about keeping our children safe so they can live long healthy lives.


Our Team gives confidence to our parents and youths to help them recognize preventable injuries/deaths by preventable violations and simple signs of youth suicide. We take an holistic approach to actively get our and keep our parents involved with the our youths throughout the community. 

 Our Board of Directors are passionate professionals from various corporations, military and law enforcement agencies who recognize the magnitude of the problem our youths are facing and the importance of developing excellent program to reach and teach as many children and parents to avoid "preventable" "needless" deaths and/or injuries caused by firearms, left improperly stored, in the hands of our youths. 

Our Standing Commitment Upon Prospective New-Hires Joining Our Company


For employment opportunities with our company, we ask our potential new-hires/1099s if they would be okay sharing of themselves and volunteering 4-hours investing to keep our youth’s safe.  We ask if they would be willing to contribute 4-hours of their time towards our commitment to keeping our youths safe throughout the DMV.

We're Asking for Your Trust, Commitment & Support

Youth Gun Safety Incorporated has been educating our parents in the classroom, the range, and via speaking engagements.  We are passionate about our kids and we’re asking you for your financial support to Help Us Help Reach as many youths as possible to share and teach them to live long healthy lives.  Please Donate using the QR Code on our Home Page. 


We are also in the process of seeking 501c3 status, as well.


We ask for your help to help us to spread the love we share as our logo symbolizes to protect our youths.

Our Board of Directors:

Mary Jones
Founder & CEO
Affiliation:  U.S. Air Force Security Forces & Combat Firearms Instructor &
Retired Law Enforcement Officer

Victoria Marie

Affiliation:  Military Intelligence Treasurer

Melinor Moore
Affiliation:  Media Relations

Elton Garner
Affiliation:  Retired U.S. Navy Officer

Octavia Holborough
Affiliation:  Law Enforcement Lieutenant (Retired)

Alverta Lopez
Affiliation:  Business Consultant


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